Two years ago in October, I fell in love—with the Irish countryside.

My husband, daughter and I stayed in Clifden, in Ireland’s rugged Connemara region, a vast landscape of peat bogs, grasslands and white ponies and sheep! One of the highlights of the trip was the short trail to the nineteenth century Clifden Castle. To my left, flocks of sheep were as still as statues while they grazed. To my right (behind a fence), horses and cows were wandering. In every direction and with every turn, the view of the grassland, Clifden Bay and the trail to the castle was different and awe inspiring. And since we were visiting at the end of tourist season, there was a thick and magnificent silence! Except for the nickering of the horses, or the individual sounds of birds, I was a small part of a wondrous whole.

It’s ironic that as I think joyfully back to that beautiful stretch of time, I’m confronted with today’s United Nations Climate Report. The news paints a sobering picture of our collective future. If current greenhouse gas emissions rates go unchecked, the report predicts increased food shortages, wildfires, and the death of coral reefs by 2040. It’s a horrifying vision for those of us who want to secure a brighter future for our families.

Yet, the report also notes that there is still action that can be taken to reduce the degree of global warming and help mitigate these effects. The action would need to be immediate and on a massive scale, but it is possible.

When I founded Ringel PR in June, I was determined to have a firm that makes a positive difference to the world. I consider it a privilege and an obligation to use my skills to do so. I’m passionate about calling attention to this overwhelming (but still solvable) crisis, as well as something very different—giving back to the senior citizens to whom we owe so much. This additional interest comes from the long illness and subsequent death of my mother last year from congestive heart failure.

What does this mean for you? I welcome the opportunity to help organizations that are champions of #sustainability, #SeniorHealth, and many other important causes through:

·        Innovative technologies—Whether you’re launching a startup or a new product/service that addresses challenges like these, you may need public relations support to reach partners and influencers who can bring your vision forward

·        Corporate social responsibility programs—We’re approaching the holidays, a good time to announce targeted philanthropy and volunteer initiatives

·        Awards and scholarships—These programs, initiated by your organization, can reward and incentivize others who share your vision, galvanizing likeminded communities

·        Blogs and guest articles—Shared through media, your website and social media, these help to associate your brand with the issues you care about

·        Social media—An engaged network can help amplify your expertise and innovations exponentially!

I welcome the chance to help you use public relations to build a better world, and am reachable at or 781-449-8456.