Your Mission: Driving Change

Every day, as a public relations executive, I encounter leaders who are driving real change.

They’re innovating products that make life better, revitalizing cities through job creation, and setting a higher bar with their startups. They’re igniting business growth with their research and professional services, improving our children’s prospects with better education, and tackling poverty and illness through new charitable endeavors.

Not only does each of them have a clear mission; they are assertive, articulate and newsworthy as they move their communications agendas forward.

How can you replicate some of the public relations principles they have mastered?

If you’re part of a consultancy or a research firm, be as distinctive as they are. Advance a novel point of view, share information that could alter the course of business, lead the conversation on issues and trends, and have numbers and provocative anecdotes to back you up.

If you’ve founded a startup, be engaging. Open yourself up and share compelling stories of what inspires you—the gaps you’ve discovered, the innovative ways you’re filling them, and the early-life experiences that drive you.

If you’re an executive with a larger business making inroads into new areas, creatively “seize the microphone”. A product/service launch with a memorable name and tagline, a media survey that amplifies your thought leadership, an integrated content campaign, and more will help propel you into the spotlight.

If you lead a nonprofit organization, make it personal. Demonstrate the difference that you are making every day. You can do this through the faces of the people you impact—sharing their experiences through traditional and social media, or on video and podcasts.

And like these leaders, be persistent, confident, and continually pushing for the next big milestone. That’s what great public relations and marketing communications initiatives are all about. By giving us a more powerful voice, they support our dreams and our opportunity to be changemakers–helping to advance businesses, the economy, and humankind.

Dawn Ringel is President and CEO of Ringel PR. For more than 20 years, she has followed her passion of helping organizations that are changemakers., 781-449-8456, @dringel2, and LinkedIn.