No Time for Beach Reading: Major Fall Announcements Require Careful Summer Planning

What’s on your fall agenda? Whether you’re announcing new leadership, or unveiling a breakthrough product or service, chances are you’re delaying the launch until summer vacations are officially over.

While it’s sound to wait until after vacation, your own preparation is likely heating up. Following are several questions to ask yourself as you plan for this milestone.

  • How can we engage and excite existing and potential customers? What creative and compelling campaigns will grab their attention—on launch day and beyond?
  • Which influencers—from journalists and bloggers to analysts—will provide a halo effect? Will our stories command their attention, or do we need more depth and differentiation? Who are the customers, partners or advisors who can add color and proof points?
  • What thought leadership strategies will seed the way for our announcement now? Should we be commenting on relevant issues and trends through the media? Is it time to start blogging and tweeting?
  • Does our brand need a refresh in alignment with our news? Is it time to come up with new core messages?
  • Should we be pre-briefing media and analysts, or planning for a media tour?
  • How will our media relations, digital communications and content strategies work together to improve our visibility and lead generation?
  • How will we measure success during the announcement period and the months that follow?

Enjoy your summer, and the anticipation of a successful, well-planned launch.